I am Josh Martell, and this is my Free-To-View Webcomic, Differdrift! The story is a reflection of my own life. I have thousands of pages written just waiting for me to turn them into sweet watercolor sequential art! There is no dialog in my comic, because it is about the art. I want my comic to be universal and experienced uniquely from viewer to viewer. I hope you enjoy Differdrift as much as I do, and I hope you find your outlet to tell your unique story!

Step into a suspenseful web weaved with HORROR from the threshold of DARKNESS! Watch as this unique graphic novel BLEEDS out into an elaborate puzzle overflowing with MYSTERIES, MURDERS, MONSTERS and pure TERROR! How long does it take for a soul to DECAY into a WHIRLWIND of BUTCHERY and SUFFERING and can salvation be found in the depths of this murky VENOMOUS GRIEVANCE? Stay tuned for the spine-chilling tale of, DIffERdRIft!